Atlanta Trip Report Day 2

Mark took me to a Mexican place for lunch today. I’ve never really been to an authentic Mexican restaurant before although there were a few around Vancouver. Not that I don’t like Mexican food but it’s just that I don’t know what to order besides Taco.

The nachos and salsa were free. Mark told me that most Mexican restaurants will serve it free. The salsa was made fresh and the nachos warm. Very nice — definitely much nicer than those we make at home.


I really can’t remember what it is I ordered! 🙂 I know the short name — it’s the Lunch Special #6. Well, it has some rice. It also has some fried beans — all mashed up. Almost every dish has beans. Mexicans like beans but not me. There is also some guacamole (spelling correct?) — it’s the green stuff. Avocado, I believe.


The lunch special was just $5.45. The restaurant is called The Border — kind of an odd name for Mexican restaurant, if you ask me, especially when these days the US is getting less tolerant of illegals from Mexico.

Mark said he’ll show me Southern Cooking tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Atlanta Trip Report Day 2

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  2. Those are not nachos. Those are fried corn tortillas, usually called chips. So, instead of nachos and salsa, it’s chips and salsa. If you put cheese (and optional other things) on top the the chips and melt it, you have nachos.

  3. I love mexican food, eat everything with chili. When you live in New Mexico you have to though…lol….the picture you have up looks like red chili enchiladas…and yes, guacamole is avacadoes usually with tomatoes, jalapenos and a few other things mixed in….I LOVE guacamole…lol…

  4. yes, you must eat southern food-try Fatt matt’s chicken shack, matthews in tucker-skip mary mac’s tea room-great atmoshere but the food isn’t up to par-don’t forget the sweet tea.

  5. Hi Ben – I spent almost 9 months in Atlanta a few years back – it was around Emory University. One of my favorite places was the DeKalb Farmers Market.

  6. I’m not a big fan of Mexican either. In Atlanta, GA you must try the typical American southern foods like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken fried steaks, grits, Georgia Peach Cobbler, etc. (yum!). Also, Atlanta has many places that serve french fries or potato chips with “Maytag” cheese from Wisconsin. It’s a delicious version of bleu cheese, very subtle and creamy. Don’t forget to order “sweet tea” which is iced tea. Have a safe trip!

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